5 Confirmatory Indications That Confirm That A Woman Is In Her Mid Pregnancy Stage

Pregnancy as every body knows, is divided into three stages - early, mid and late. Before, I tell you signs and symptoms of stage named mid pregnancy; first know its duration in weeks and months. Well, its duration is 13th to 28th week, in weeks and 4 to 6 months, in months. Today, I will tell you signs and symptoms of mid-pregnancy stage.
5 Confirmatory Indications that Confirm that a Woman is in her Mid Pregnancy Stage
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Yes, today we will discuss that as a pregnant woman, you are passing through mid-pregnancy stage or not. So, let's elaborate you below, about indications that confirm, a woman is going through or in her mid-pregnancy stage-

1) First confirmatory indication of mid-pregnancy is absence of menses. Does only absence of menses is confirmatory or duration of months, of absence of menses is confirmatory? Well to inform you, second say is right that is, duration of absence of menses and not only, just absence of menses. If duration is confirmatory, then how much duration, is confirmatory? Well, absence of menses for approximately 4-6 months,

is confirmatory of a woman, in mid-pregnancy stage. If no menses has come since that long period; then it is confirmed that a woman is passing through, her mid-pregnancy stage.

2) You must have seen a pregnant woman with enlarged abdomen. But, do you know, when does it actually start coming in notice? Well, it starts coming in notice, from 5th month of pregnancy. Yes, before 5th month, visible enlargement of abdomen of a pregnant woman is not noticeable. Abdomen of a pregnant woman starts enlarging gradually, progressively in size; from 5th month of pregnancy, which is noticeable to eyes of anybody.

3) Third sign is quickening, which in public words or common words, public says, "Active foetal movements." Yes, you must have heard that a pregnant woman, usually says that she just have felt active fetal movements. This active foetal movements, she starts feeling from 18th week

of pregnancy, if she is first time pregnant; but, if she is second time pregnant; then in 16th week; in short in mid pregnancy. But, this active foetal movements are not that much sharp; these are very soft, in form of fluttering sensation; which needs recognition with care because not every women feel it in 16th or 18th week; some women feel it later.

4) Foetal heart sound is audible, with stethoscope, after 20th week of pregnancy that is, in mid-pregnancy. You can request your gynecologist doctor, to make you listen it. Or, you ask your ultrasound technician because it can be listened with ultrasound Doppler too.

5) 5th confirmatory sign is test named ultrasound imaging of foetus, which can confirm your mid-pregnancy. Yes, these days, a specific kind of ultrasound technology has come, with help of which; a specific kind of ultrasound is done; which can diagnose not only your pregnancy, but can also confirm duration of your pregnancy that is, can diagnose your stage of pregnancy, whether early, middle or late. 

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